Otosan, Watashi, Kono Hito to Kekkon Shimasu! (2022)

Otosan, Watashi, Kono Hito to Kekkon Shimasu! (2022)

Other Name: お父さん、私、この人と結婚します!


“Dad, there is actually someone I want you to meet.” Yabu Shintaro is shocked when he heard this from his daughter, Nagisa, whom he has raised with great love and care. Shintaro is an impatient, old-fashioned office worker who has been making good progress in his career, but is still confused by the recent changes in the company and society, such as reforms in work styles, attention to power harassment and sexual harassment. Although Shintaro is in agony, he decides to accept the fact that his daughter would get married someday. However, somehow, Nagisa keeps bringing back a different boyfriend each week..?




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